Sailpast: Saturday, May 5, 2018

Sailpast is not to be missed so mark your calendars for Saturday May 5th. It is one of two Club events considered obligatory for all members to attend if they are able.

This is an important event for our Club and is one of the few times of the year we truly celebrate the 'espirit de corps' of our Yacht Club. We want to encourage all members whether they are Active, Associate, Intermediate or Junior members to participate in this special event.

Sailpast consists of three important components: the formal ceremony on shore, the actual Sailpast in Vancouver Harbour (by Waterfront Park) and in the evening our fabulous buffet dinner on the Breakwater. The evening continues on with music and dancing overlooking the fabulous view of our beautiful Vancouver waterfront. Please participate in all or some of these activities as best you can.

The dress for the day is our summer uniform: Burrard Yacht Club hat, white pants, blue blazer with Club crest, and white shoes. Our Regalia folks Shera Watson and Jennifer Thornton at, are more than willing to assist you with items needed (crests, hats etc.) for Sailpast as well as advice on where to purchase white pants, white shoes etc. HOWEVER, do not let the lack of a particular item deter you from attending. It's your attendance that counts! Further, if you are not able to 'Sailpast' in your own vessel please contact us, and we will make arrangements for you to be on someone else's vessel.

The tradition of Sailpast has been around for hundreds of years and is one of the few obligations a club member has to his or her club. If you are unable to attend it is customary to send your regrets to Commodore Frank Plumptre at

For more information, you can direct questions to the Vice Commodore, Cliff Taylor at


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