Classic Boat & Car Show - 2011

Pictures of the 2011 Show

Classic Show 2011

Great weather, highest turn out – both public and boats and cars

Show raised over $1500(winner of the big 50/50 donated a portion to Disabled Sailing) for Disabled Sailing


Winners of the 50/50 draws
Friday nights draw was won by Les Gunther, off Sea Dog
Saturday nights draw was won by Kaarina McGivney, off Riot Us

Car winners
Best of Show - Graeme Tait, 1954 Chevrolet
Best Stock/Origina -, Al Simmons, 1950 British Ford Prefect
Best Custom/Modified - Roy Gervan, 1956 Chevrolet
Best Hot Rod - Dave Horton, 1935 Cherolet
Hagerty, Best Classic Car - Chris Weston, 1968 Shelby GT 500 Mustang

Boat Winners
Best Modern Classic - Quester
Best Vintage - Double Eagle
Best Classic - Olmaha
Best In Show - SeaDog
Best Work In Progress - Merva
Hagerty award(oldest vessel) - Adelante