Burgees - how do I get one?

    You can pick up a burgee from the Clubhouse Office during regular Office hours. For new members who have just passed their Safety inspection, the burgee is free of charge. Replacement burgees are $35 for a regular sized burgee or $40 for a large burgee (for vessels over 50').

    Captain's hats, ties and blazer crests - how do I get these items?

    You can order a Captain's hat from the Office. We have several hats for you to try on to confirm your size. To try on the sizing caps, contact Ariel in the Clubhouse Office. Captain's hats cost $115.00 and take up to six weeks for delivery.

    You can pick up BYC ties (mens and ladies, blazer and hat crests from the Clubhouse Office during regular Office hours. Ties cost $35-50 each. Hat sew on crests cost $26  blazer sew on crests cost $27.25 and blazer clip on crests cost $29.50.

    Clubhouse Office - when is it open?

    The Clubhouse Office is open to assist members Monday to Friday, 0900 to 1600 hours.

    Club keys and fobs - how do I get them?

    All new members and their spouses get a Club key when they join. You can get a replacement key from the Clubhouse Office during regular Office hours. Replacement keys are $20 each.

    Visit the Maintenance Office to pick up a gate fob. $40 will be charged to your account for each fob.

    Driftwood Award - what is it?

    The Driftwood Award has been a BYC tradition since 1999. Made from a propeller and wood from the Clementine Slide that occurred on December 14, 1998, this award is usually given to a member that encounters foreign debris in the water that causes some sort of damage to the member's boat. Nominations are sent to the Board for review, and the award is presented at the Installation Dinner each year, along with the Dunkers Award, Hydrographer's Trophy, and Long Tow Award.

    Dunkers Award - what is it?

    The Dunkers Award has been a BYC tradition since 1949. It is awarded to the person who fell into the water in the most spectacular and unplanned way in the past year.

    Hydrographer's Trophy - what is it?

    The Hydrographer's Trophy has been a BYC tradition since 1939. It is awarded to the member who had run aground in the most spectacular and unplanned way in the past year.

    Long Tow Award - what is it?

    The Long Tow Award has been a BYC tradition since 1949. It is awarded to the member who had been towed the farthest for various reasons (i.e. ran out of fuel, engine failure) in the past year. Self tows (i.e. towing your primary vessel with your tender) do not qualify.

    Member account - how can I pay my account balance?

    You can pay your member account using cash, cheque, or ETransfer.

    To pay by ETransfer, send your payment to office@burrardyachtclub.com and make the password BYCBYC (case sensitive).  In the notes section of the ETransfer please put your name and/or member account number (i.e. John Boater, BOA001) so that the payment is applied to the correct account. 

    If you bank with BMO or a credit union, you can set up Burrard Yacht Club as a bill payee.

    Member account - who do I contact regarding questions about my account?

    You can contact Harvey at 604 988 0817 x 1 or office@burrardyachtclub.com.

    Moorage - when will I get into a slip?

    The wait for moorage varies depending on what other facilities are available in the Lower Mainland, the strength of the economy and the specific moorage requirements for your vessel. It is likely that your wait for desirable moorage will be in the zone of four years but sometimes things happen that could shorten this period. 

    For new members, sublet moorage tends to be secured more quickly than long term moorage.

    When a berth becomes available it is posted in the Clubhouse Office and on the Website for two weeks. Any member may bid on the moorage by putting his or her name on the list in the Office. Please ensure you view and or try the slip first and make sure your boat will fit. The moorage will be assigned by the Staff Captain to the member with the most seniority whose boat will fit the moorage. While it may seem futile to put your name on the list when a member with more seniority has already bid for the spot, it is not always the case that the senior member ends up taking the spot. Sometimes their boat may not fit or they just change their mind and the next member is offered the spot. Members with existing Club moorage often bid on attractive moorage as they attempt to improve their spot. While the bad news is that this more senior member may have acquired the posted moorage, the good news is that the member’s existing spot will be posted the next day.

    Name tags - how do I get one?

    All new members and their spouses get a BYC name tag when they join. Name tags should be worn to all Club events that take place at the Gostick facility, and at the Installation Dinner. To order a replacement name tag, contact Ariel in the Clubhouse Office. Replacement name tags cost $12.00 each and usually take about two weeks to arrive.

    Olive Oyl’s - what is it?

    Olive Oyl's is BYC's annual fee-free garage sale and is under a tent in the parking lot on Saturday of Safety Weekend. You bring anything you want to sell. Boat stuff? Of course, but you’re not restricted to just boat stuff. This is your opportunity to turn any unused stuff into cash. It is also your opportunity to load up your boat or garage with someone else’s really good gems. 2018 hours were 0900 – 1400, Saturday, April 14th. Anything remaining after 1400 goes in the free bin so watch the clock. Mark your items with your name and your price. Make sure you return around 1400 to cash out and remove any of your unsold stuff. Cash only. No chits, no cheques.

    Outstations - where are they and how can I access them?

    The Club owns three outstations: Ekins Point on Gambier Island, Clementine Creek at the head of Indian Arm, and a property at Garden Bay (Pender Harbour) on the Sunshine Coast. The Club also leases 3 moorage locations: Snug Cove on Bowen Island; Gibsons Marina; and Silva Bay on Gabriola Island. Members may use the leased slips without charge. (You do pay for electricity if it is available and you use it). Generally the marinas do not keep track of whether boats are in the leased slips and you must either call another BYC boat at the outstation or go in and look in order to find out if space is available. Your boat is required to pass a Safety inspection, display a current Safety decal and the Club burgee in order to use the outstations.

    Packenham Log Race - what is it?

    BYC has a rich history in power boat navigation contests (racing). The Packenham Log Race is generally held in September, where contestants navigate to specific points and compete to finish the race first. James Nelson is the longtime Racing Chair who spearheads this annual event.

    Policy Manual - where can I find it, and what does it contain?

    There are three physical copies of the Policy Manual: in the Clubhouse Office reception area; in the Crow's Nest; and in the Maintenance Office. You can also click the Policy Manual link on the left sidebar. The Policy Manual contains information about many aspects of the Club, from use of the Mast Tower to Clubhouse rentals to parking policy. All members should be familiar with the contents of the Policy Manual, or at the very least know how to access the information in it.

    Roster - how do I get this year's roster insert?

    You can get this year's roster insert for your roster binder from the Clubhouse Office during regular Office hours. An electronic version of the roster is available under Member Roster in the left sidebar.

    Safety Inspections - does my boat need one?

    Every Club vessel must pass an annual safety inspection. This regulation is for your benefit and assures you that, to the extent practical, the vessel moored next to you is not a hazard to you or your vessel. The Safety Committee arranges an inspection of all Club vessels Safety weekend in April. The date of the Club’s annual “Safety Weekend” will be published in the Trident and on the Members Only section of the Club website. Safety requirements are patterned after the Canadian Coast Guard standards contained in the publication “Safe Boating Guide” which can be found online.

    The Club requires that each boat have a minimum of $2,000,000.00 of liability insurance. You will be asked to produce proof of this insurance at the time of your safety inspection.

    Once you pass your Safety inspection you will be given this year's Safety decal to display on your vessel, and a Club burgee.

    Social Events - when are they, and how do I attend?

    There are many social events during the year. Information about events is usually included in the Club newsletter “The Trident” and on the Members Only section of the Club website. You are encouraged to attend any event which appeals to you.

    There are a couple of annual events that are considered obligatory: Sailpast and the Installation Dinner and Dance. Sailpast is held in May and marks the official start of the boating season. All the Club’s vessels sail past and salute the Commodore’s vessel. The Installation Dinner and Dance marks the installation of the new Board of Directors. While this event is officially “obligatory”, it is also a lot of fun and always sells out so make sure to RSVP early. If you are unable to attend either event, Club etiquette suggests that you express your regrets to the Commodore.

    Tidal Grid - how do I book and use it?

    The tidal grid is available to any member. The grid holds up to three power boats and one sailboat simultaneously. The roster shows the size of the grids and the height of the bottom supports so that you can figure out the tides you need to move on and off the grid. To ensure that the environmental filtering system is effective, all bottom cleaning and painting must be done by Club staff. Fees for use of the grid and for painting and cleaning are modest. It is a good idea to book a grid time well in advance of when you want to use it. Demand is especially high for the times of large tides in May and June. There is a surge gate on the grid. It is a good idea to have someone who has used the grid show you how to operate the surge gate.

    Uniforms - do I have to wear one to events?

    Club uniforms are worn by members to Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and Special General Meetings (SGMs); the Remembrance Day ceremony; the Installation Dinner; the Commodore's Cocktail Party; Sailpast; and any other occasions or functions requested by the Directors.

    Uniforms - what's the difference between summer and winter uniform?

    Winter uniform for men consists of a white or navy blue yachting cap with Club badge on cap band; a navy blue blazer with Club crest on left breast (Flag Officers display their badge of office); a white dress shirt and Club tie; grey trousers and black shoes.

    Winter uniform for women consists of a navy blue blazer with Club crest on left breast; a white blouse or sweater; a grey skirt or slacks; black shoes.

    Summer uniform for men consists of a white or navy blue yachting cap with Club badge on cap band; a navy blue blazer with Club crest on left breast (Flag Officers display their badge of office); a white dress shirt and Club tie; white trousers; and white shoes.

    Summer uniform for women consists of a navy blue blazer with Club crest on left breast; a white blouse or sweater; a white skirt or slacks; and white shoes.

    Website - how do I change my password for the BYC Members Only website?

    Please open the website www.burrardyachtclub.com and click on the login. Enter your email address and click the "forgot password" link.  A new password will be sent to you. Please ensure you only use the email address that you have given the Club's Office. 

    Wifi - what's the wifi code?

    The code for the Marina wifi is Byc1932member.

    Work Credit Program (WCP) - what is it and how do I participate?

    Burrard Yacht Club was built in large part by the hands of the early members. The Club maintains a policy and spirit of member participation in the upkeep of the Club. Each Active member is required to participate in the Work Credit Program (WCP) for a total of eight hours per six month period (May-November and November-May). If you are and Active member and are short WCP hours $37.00 per hour will be applied to your member account semi-annually. Each Intermediate member is required to participate for a total of four hours in the same periods. If you are short WCP hours and an Intermediate $25 per hour will be applied your member account semi-annually. You can bank up to eight hours (or four hours for Intermediates) for up to six months in advance. You are exempt from participating in the six-month WCP period in which you joined the Club; however, you can complete your hours in advance and bank them for the next WCP period. There are many opportunities to participate in the Work Credit Program; check the notice board outside the Clubhouse Office or the Members Only section of the website, or contact James Nelson, Maintenance Manager, at 604 988 0817 x 2 or maintenance@burrardyachtclub.com for work credit opportunities. For more information about the Work Credit Program, contact Harvey or Ariel in the Clubhouse Office at 604 988 0817 x 1 or office@burrardyachtclub.com. At work parties you will meet other Club members, make new friends, provide valuable service to the Club and have fun while knocking off your debt.

    Workshop & Tool Room

    Any member may use the workshop. James Nelson, the Club’s Facility Manager, will be happy to show you how to use and adjust any of the power tools and how to use the built in dust collection system. There is also a tool room where you must sign out, use, and return the tool you need to complete the job.

    I heard something about a tradition of saluting the Commodore at sea. What's that about?

    There is a long standing custom that members will salute the Commodore (by dipping the member’s flag) when the vessels meet or pass at sea. Likewise, the Commodore will dip his flag to acknowledge the member. Failure to acknowledge is costly. The failing party is obliged to provide the dipping party with a bottle of a decent beverage at the next Installation Dinner. The failing party must be notified within 24 hours of the offence (although usually this is done immediately by radio with great glee). New members are advised to check out the picture of the Commodore’s boat on the front page of the most current issue of the Trident. As each member only has to remember one boat, the odds are stacked against the Commodore who is scanning with binoculars every approaching vessel for the possibility of a BYC burgee.